I labor under the notion that when a society does not have gender equality, then none of the structures within it are egalitarian either. Unsavory personal experiences aside, sexism, I think, is made most visible in some statistical details: Over 50 percent of art school graduates are women but far less than 50 percent of monographic exhibition subjects are women. I’ve been lucky enough to work only under women directors but all the institutions they inherited had an annual budget of $15 million or less, which is the glass ceiling of female women directorships. Sexism is a broad problem that cannot be reduced to simply men oppressing women, but is about the set of expectations we have and the goals we set for each other that need serious reevaluation.
Naomi Beckwith, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago We Asked 20 Women “Is the Art World Biased?” Here’s What They Said. (via dc-via-chicago)







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